Disaster Recovery


The Plexos Group, LLC employs the most experienced and innovative professionals in the field of disaster recovery management who have completed similar work for municipal, state, and federal agencies. Our project team has more than 100 years of combined experience in managing disaster recovery and has led disaster recovery programs in excess of $25 billion.  Services offered include:

• Obtaining Expedited FEMA Funding from the Response Event

• Documenting all FEMA Eligible Reimbursement Expenses

• Ensuring Compliance with FEMA, HUD, and other Agency Requirements

• Installing Temporary Facilities

• Designing Programs that are Compliant and Guard against Deobligation of Federal Funding

• Creating HUD CDBG Action Plans and Obtaining HUD CDBG-DR Disaster Funding

• Identifying Additional Sources of Funding and Preparing Required Funding Requests

• Providing Overall Program Management

• Conducting Compliance Audits to ensure all documentation and Project Worksheets submitted are in accordance with FEMA and other Federal Requirements.

• Performing Inspections, Documentation, Engineering Assessments, and Data Collection to support all Claims

• Working Closely with FEMA and other Federal Agencies in Expeditiously obtaining Funds

• Running large disaster recovery programs including “Rapid Repair”, “Fast Start”, CDBG-DR Housing Recovery, CDBG-DR Small Rentals, and other programs.