IT Solutions


Plexos Group provides enterprise level software solutions for our clients including implementation of third party solutions, custom application design, legacy code conversion, and database development projects. Our experience includes enterprise accounting, inventory tracking, claims processing, Geographic Information Systems, and other systems.

Plexos has experience in designing and supporting large scalable databases including but not limited to Oracle, SQL Server, DB2 and others. Database design is accomplish with a focus on data storage optimization, relational integrity, and query performance. Considerable attention is given to the Data Dictionary and a Data Dictionary Document (DDD) is provided to the client and agreed to before implementing the data structure. As part of the Database Design and Support services, Plexos assists in data conversion and implementation of legacy data into the database by developing custom algorithms and creating data conversion methodologies and Quality Assurance / Quality Control (QA/QC) procedures.

Plexos also provides in-house staffing to our clients for long-term projects for any of our offered services. Clients have found it beneficial to utilize our employees full time in their offices to supplement project staff to meet schedules and to have the necessary technical expertise to meet their internal project requirements.