Logistics and Supply Chain Management


Plexos Group can provide cost effective and creative warehouse design, distribution, supply chain execution and material handling solutions for leading retail, wholesale, and consumer product manufacturing companies. We are keenly aware that logistics has increasingly become a key factor in cost and quality customer service distinguishing one company’s products from another’s. Our logistics consultancy is well qualified and prepared to help re-engineer a solution that is best suited for your organization. We will assist you in developing the very best logistics network, warehouse layout, manufacturing plant layout, material handling solutions and information systems for your supply chain.

Depending on specific scope and the client needs we have the capability to focus our efforts on the following:

• Reduced supply chain and logistics operating costs
• Greater distribution throughput
• Higher customer service and satisfaction levels
• Increased supply chain capacity for business growth
• Reduced inventories
• Liberated capital for deployment in high return projects
• More consistent and reliable product delivery
• More effective integration with third party logistics service providers
• Better relationships and broader collaboration with suppliers, driving improved costs and process execution
• Greater logistics operations flexibility, with turn on a dime capability
• Clear strategic development path
• Alignment of supply chain planning and execution with corporate strategies and directions
• Stronger customer relationships
• Up-to-speed education for supply chain organization