Information Technology


Plexos employs an IT system, which handles all aspects of claim processing to include:

• A web-based interface for claimants and attorneys to enter claims and review statuses
• Easy-to-use “wizards” for completing claims forms
• Detailed custom reporting
• A clear and easy-to-understand audit log
• Detailed user-entered notes on a per-applicant and per-work-order basis
• A project-workflow mechanism that allows for trending and aging reports
• Document storage and organization
• Work-order scheduling and ordering
• Form and letter generation both in a bulk and per-unit fashion
• Complex calculations and disbursal orders
• Integration with other data sets and computer systems

The system is also 100 percent Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) compliant. This means that all web traffic to and from the server is encrypted for each individual connection.

The software also integrates with many different systems, including multiple SQL servers, Open Database Connectivity (ODBC)-compliant systems, data delivered via secure File Transfer Protocol (FTP), data transmitted through an Extensible Markup Language-remote procedure call (XML-RPC) interface, and exported flat files in various formats. The software architecture is as follows: