Class Action Settlements / Third Party Administration


Plexos Group and our team of professional have provided claims administration and disbursement management services at a value of over $15 billion on class-action settlement and grant progams. Plexos’s experience in both large and small class-action settlements has given its personnel experience that is relevant to all facets of claims administration, claims processing, and funds disbursement.

Recently, Plexos established and managed the Deepwater Horizon Economic and Property Damages Settlement. Through it management efforts, the program determined $1.23 billion in eligible claims within the first six months of the settlement program. Responsibilities of Plexos within the Deepwater Horizon Economic and Property Damages Settlement include overall management and direction of the program, processing Business Economic Loss and Seafood claims, statistical modeling, utilization modeling, production monitoring and reporting, internal auditing, and other business processes.

Plexos offers unparalleled experience in Class Action Settlement administration and for the administration of large complex programs including energy incentive programs, disaster recovery programs, housing programs, elevation grants and other sources of funding.