The Plexosoft System

The Plexosoft Disaster Project Management System was developed and perfected from lessons learned on over $15 billion in disaster programs with over 500,000 projects. The system is completely customizable and requires no rewriting of code to adapt to the requirements of individual disaster recovery programs. Key to the system is the ability to easily change the workflow processes, business rules, user roles, and form design. This is critical in not only standing up a new program with customized requirements but also in changing the system for policy changes and other requirements. We have found that the inability of an IT system to meet program requirements and to change with those requirements to be one of the largest issues in management of large fast-paced disaster programs. For this reason, this system has been designed to be extremely flexible and customizable starting with the program workflow as its base. Plexos has customized Plexosoft specifically for various large-scale disaster programs, including the US Virgin Islands Housing Recovery STEP Program, New York City’s Build it Back Program, Louisiana’s Restore Louisiana Program, the Deepwater Horizon Economic and Property Damage Settlement Program, and others.

Plexosoft provides for:

  • The ability to support an individual project management approach
  • Customizable estimating and approvals routing
  • Reliable data reporting
  • Dynamic damage assessment and estimating data capture web-form rendering & user data entry validation
  • Project estimating and change order transparency
  • Customizable, template-driven notices and electronic notifications (SMS, email etc.)
  • Audit trail for all data changes
  • Database-driven business logic configuration & dynamic project data collection requirements based on predefined conditions
  • Integration with field data collection for Disaster Recovery Infrastructure and Housing Damage Assessments.

This easily customizable system allows for rapid deployment and implementation of disaster recovery repair programs.

In addition to project data, Plexosoft maintains all inspection data for damage assessments and inspections during the disaster recovery process. This data is collected using the iPlexos Field Data collection platform. iPlexos works on tablets, iPhones, and androids and collects and stores this data on a secure cloud server. Damage assessments and inspections are assigned to inspectors through this system and Inspectors submit completed assessments and inspections once completed.

Plexosoft Reporting Engine (PRE)

The Plexosoft Reporting Engine (PRE) was developed to generate real-time dashboard reporting and analytics on data collected from various programs. The PRE seamlessly integrates existing data from a variety of data sources to provide customized dashboard reports which are accessed online and tailored specifically to individual functional groups and management teams. Driving the PRE is the Plexos Data Layer Plugin (DLP), a middleware solution that aggregates data from various data sources into its customized reporting engine utilizing Data Transformation Services (DTS) packages, web scraping, APIs, and other tools. The PRE also easily integrates with commercial Business Intelligence tools including Tableau/Power BI to produce visual appealing reports. The PRE is currently providing detailed dashboard reporting on disaster recovery damage assessment and recovery projects for various disasters across the United States.


Plexosoft, iPlexos, and Reporting Engine Projects

On the New York City Housing Recovery Office Superstorm Sandy Project, our systems are currently being used to manage data including project status, QA/QC, construction inspections, change orders, requests for information, and other data. To provide real-time data for use on the program, the PRE accesses data from Excel spreadsheets, the city’s system of record known as CMS (developed in Microsoft Dynamics with a SQL Server Database backend), and construction activity data from FieldLens, the real-time mechanism that delivers status and quality metrics to the city. Online dashboard and drill down reports are then provided to the stakeholders for use online.

For the Restore Louisiana Program, a housing rehabilitation and reconstruction program funded by HUD’s CDBG-DR program, Plexos currently provides its systems and support services in addition to construction management and damage assessments. This includes IT Data Management, Analytics and Reporting, closeout policy and procedures, and management of QA/QC processes. Plexos has designed an Oraclebased claims management system, built reporting architecture to generate executive dashboards from different data sources, and implemented tools for real-time reporting. Plexos develops and maintains operational and financial reports that are used by executive management and business unit managers. For closeout, Plexos is developing and implementing Program Closeout standard operating procedures and checklists, designing award-calculation reporting, and managing QA/QC processes.

Plexos managed the Deepwater Horizon Economic and Property Damage Settlement Program, one of the largest disaster recovery class-action settlements in U.S. history, as a result of the BP oil spill caused by the “Deepwater Horizon” oil rig in the Gulf of Mexico. David Odom, P.E., PMP, MBA and President and CEO of Plexos, was selected as the settlement program’s CEO responsible for the management of five vendors, a staff of over 3,100 team members, implementation of operations from intake to closeout processing over 400,000 projects, and distribution of over $12 billion in claims with an annual administrative budget of $580 million. Plexos systems were used to manage a risk mitigation strategy around claims processing, protection of personally identifiable information (PII), fraud detection and reduction, accuracy of damage estimates, and other areas that facilitated internal audit, program controls, staff utilization modeling, and project throughput modeling. Through Plexos’ efforts, the program determined $1.23 billion in eligible projects within the first six months of the settlement program.

With this diverse expertise, Plexos Group can rapidly deliver innovative solutions for the full spectrum of disaster planning, response, and recovery services. Examples of reports are shown below:


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