As I slowly make my way home after another glorious day I decided to take the "long way" home. 

This gave me the opportunity to reflect on some of the conversations I've had with total strangers regarding their FEMA claim. 

I want you all to first understand that you have every right to ask questions. Ask the FEMA home inspector what he is there to do.

Get their name.

Ask for a business card. 

Ask to see the damage report he is typing in.


Be polite and kind is the most important thing to remember. These inspectors have a tough job. They see de station and destruction everywhere. 

If the inspector makes a statement regarding a monetary award, or lack thereof, make sure you write it down. 

Ask them for their email address, give them yours and tell them you would like a copy of the report for your records! 

They should look in your home to get a good idea of the damages you sustained. Welcome them in. 

When you talk to the FEMA rep at either a Disaster Recovery Center (DRC) or on the phone, ask questions. Make sure that your application is correct and it truly reflects your damages and losses.

Remember this is your right. 

Speaking of rights, I had a message from a friend of mine who is a working single mother of 2. She was renting and evacuated after she stacked belongings on top of tables and bookshelves fearing that water may reach it in the ground. 

She came home and all was dry!

She received notification from her landlord that she had 2 days to remove all belongings as the house was to be gutted for repair. 

She returned the next day to find her possessions in the debris pile. 

No Bueno!

Renters have rights. 

If this happens or if you have questions, call the Louisiana Attorney General or your attorney. 

I am here to help!

Joshua Gill
Senior Director Recovery & Response
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