The Plexos Solution

Plexos Group is the right partner for your next class or mass action legal administration, or voluntary remediation program. The Plexos Solution is built on two central principles – first, embracing technology to meet due process and drive efficiency, and second, customized project management via subject matter experts sourced internally and externally to maximize the outcome.

Our company leadership brings decades of proven experience in group resolution, in some of the largest communication claims and compensation programs in the world. Drawing on that experience, we customize our best in class proprietary data, claims management and reporting technology platforms to the precise needs of each client and each program. By partnering with subject-matter experts who share our commitment to accuracy and accountability, we execute a proven project management approach that ensures our clients leverage the right resources in the most effective way.

Customized Solutions that Get Results

Clients today demand agile and efficient solutions that leverage technology while withstanding judicial and regulatory scrutiny. But no two programs are alike. That’s why the Plexos Solution offers our clients choices that suit their program needs and budget, whether they partner with us for a full suite of services or hire us to handle select tasks, including:

  • Legal Notice
  • Communication Dissemination & Intake
  • Claims Review & Processing
  • Call Center Support
  • Damages & Loss Calculations
  • Comprehensive Program Reporting
  • Payment Disbursement

The Power to Reach Affected Parties

Rule 23 legal notice rules are evolving to reflect new methods of electronic and digital communication, with increased efficiency and accuracy being the new order of the day. At Plexos, we partner with mass communication and media experts who design programs based on intelligent and accepted marketing data. They bring a unique perspective in both voluntary and litigation-based notice programs to drive engagement while meeting stringent legal notice requirements. The result is a highly-customized notice program tailored to achieve desired results and save money.

Informed Damages & Loss Calculations for Fair and Efficient Resolutions

Drawing on our data analysis expertise and extensive access to proprietary case databases, we help clients build programs for electronic calculation of losses and pro rata settlement fund recoveries. We also partner with experienced economists and accountants when a particular claims model requires a more complex loss calculation.

Secure and Convenient Electronic Payment

Plexos partners with traditional banks and electronic payment platforms to manage secure and compliant group payments. We provide multiple cost-effective payment options that speed up the payment process and achieve high redemption rates. Our electronic payment partnerships keep our clients on the cutting edge of new and novel payment options with the most robust fraud and security protocols, and comprehensive reporting data.

The Best Defense for Fraud

Fraudulent claims are an expensive liability that can jeopardize the progress of any administration. Our fraud prevention group, led by a former FBI Special Agent in Charge and powered by our intelligent analytics, identifies, researches and investigates potentially fraudulent claim submissions to determine if the fraud is occurring on an isolated or schematic level. When needed, we partner with external investigators and enforcement agencies to identify and prosecute perpetrators.


Taking Technology to the Next Level

Our team includes experts in development, artificial intelligence and mobile applications who have designed and built proprietary technology to handle some of the world’s most demanding and data sensitive claims programs. Our Data Grove ETLTM and Data Grove Case ManagementTM platforms are highly customized to meet the needs of each program and offer the legal industry access to the most nimble and intelligent technology platform in claims administration. Our platform features include:

  • Customizable data fields and user permissions to honor the claims process proscribed by our client or the court
  • Batch form and customized individual letter generation
  • Easy-to-use “wizards” for completing claims forms
  • A clear and easy-to-understand audit log
  • Detailed user-entered notes on a per-claimant basis
  • A project-workflow mechanism for trending and aging reports
  • Robust document storage and intuitive supporting document organization
  • Detailed custom reporting
  • A web-based interface for claimants, attorneys and partners to enter claims and review statuses

Information Security & Regulatory Compliance

The Plexos Solution operates in a 100% Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud-based security environment. Our multi-firewall approach pushes confidential personal information into a sub-level that isolates this sensitive data from the main environment to segregate each program dataset. We use:

  • Data security practices compliant with the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) and the Health Insurance Portability & Accountability Act (HIPAA)
  • Stringent role-based access controls to limit access to employees with sensitive data clearance
  • Access and role-based multi-factor authentication to minimize susceptibility to ransomware and integrity attacks
  • Secure encryption for data at rest and in transit

Data Breach Litigation Administration – Start Out Two Steps Ahead

After an initial data breach response or regulatory action, many companies grapple with a subsequent class action brought by their harmed customers. Through our partnership with Tracepoint, Plexos provides the benefit of real-time databases and analytic tools to mine contact data for affected parties already identified in the initial breach response. This win-win solution for both data breach class members and corporate defendants drives class member engagement in the program and reduces overall administration costs.

Case Study: Deepwater Horizon Economic Property Damages Settlement

Plexos executives and managers administered the historic Deepwater Horizon Economic and Property Damages Settlement following the massive oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico. We identified, vetted, and managed a team of vendors across key verticals, including notice program design and execution, claims technology platform customization, mailing operations, call center operations, complex claims submission and evaluation, accounting, tax and claims payment services. This team helped identify $1.23 billion in eligible claims within the first six months of the class action settlement program.