Puerto Rico Department of Housing City Revitalization Program

Plexos is leading infrastructure and resilience efforts across 21 municipalities on the eastern side of Puerto Rico for PRDOH’s City Revitalization Program. As part of this $1.29 billion CDBD-DR-funded program to revitalize cities impacted by the devastation of hurricane Maria, Plexos’ program and construction management experts are leading all program tasks from inception to closeout. Our local teams guide the planning and development of restoration and rebuilding projects for key infrastructure in city centers, urban areas and key commercial corridors, including plazas and surrounding streets. Our team is helping subrecipients boost infrastructure resilience, facilitate affordable rental housing options, enhance building facades, guide economic development projects and ensure ADA compliant accessibility measures to reinvigorate urban areas and attract private investment activity. In addition to performing intake, application eligibility determinations, damage assessments and inspections, Plexos facilitates Tier I and Tier II environmental assessments. Our CDBG-DR subject matter experts ensure that all projects comply with CDBG requirements.