From planning and prepardness all the way through to mitigation we offer some of the most advanced, best in class, disaster management support services.

Our expertise in disaster management support has increased the efficiency of the programs we partner with, ultimatley providing speedy recovery to the impacted communities.

We have decades of experience providing disaster managment support in the following areas:


IT Operations

Plexos Group can purchase and procure all IT equipment necessary for the set-up of internet services in local facilities. Such equipment might include computers,tablets, servers, switches, routers, etc.

Plexos Group is able to provide all information security program policies and procedures, as well as user account provisioning and deprovisioning. We can provide end-user support and help-desk functions with onsite support using our system administrators. All infrastructure and services will be managed through Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Office 365, both cloud-based programs. In addition, we can maintain the asset inventory of all equipment, using a barcoding system that tracks the chain of custody on all assets of the program.

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Plexos Group has partnered with Perkins Eastman architects and the Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University / Virginia Tech to provide innovative cartridge housing options for displaced disaster victims. Solutions provide for sustainable housing that is portable, cost effective, and compliant with international building code standards.


Construction Management

Plexos Group construction management services are professional services that utilize specialized, project management techniques to manage the planning, design, and construction of a project, from beginning (pre-design) to end (closeout).

Our professional services control a project's time, cost, safety record, and quality. We are fully compatible with all project delivery systems including design-bid-build, design-build, CM at-risk, etc. We have serviced all types of projects, from large, small, vertical, horizontal, domestic, or international – we ensure the scope of work is skillfully adhered to, and the project is successfully delivered. Projects include buildings, water and waste water infrastructure, roads, utilities, and other infrastructure projects impacted by disasters.

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Call Center

Plexos Group can stand up an all encompassing call center by providing a cloud-based phone system that has full call center capabilities, including scalability, multiple facility/call center support, and work-from-home metrics management.

Main features of the call center solution are:

  • Supervisor view for real-time call center management
  • Ability to add new agents instantaneously
  • Complete set of reporting for day-to-day management of the call center
  • Forecasting for adding or reducing staff
  • Supervisor dashboard for up-to-the-minute management of all calls and staff
  • View of calls in queue and recordability of calls for quality checking

In addition to being able to procure the complete system – phones, headsets, and other equipment – Plexos Group can staff a call center which operates seven days a week, 12 hours a day. The team can manage inbound calls as well as can perform outbound call campaigns to attract applicants. Call center management can coordinate coverage to manage peak operations.

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Case Management

Plexos Group can manage the case manager function, responsible for supervising the applicant process from registration to the end of close out.

The case managers use Plexosoft as a tool for supervising this process. They also reach out to the homeowner to collect documents, schedule inspections, and assist through close out. The case manager is the single point of contact for the homeowner.

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Quality Control

The Quality Control team can receive all performed site inspections and review them for accuracy and completeness. The reviews include photos of properties, as well as scope of work documents.

The team reviews both the initial and final inspection data to ensure work was performed correctly. In some cases, the team is authorized to make adjustments as necessary. The Quality Control team can:

  • Review the scope of work and photographs to ensure program compliance as well as accuracy of estimate
  • Revise quantities, line items, and notes as required in iPlexos
  • Generate official work orders within 24 hours of initial damage assessment
  • Report deficiencies and errors back to field staff to increase quality of field reports
  • After construction is complete, review the final inspection submittals (completed by the final inspector)

The quality control team submits the completed case for close out.

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Field Inspections

Plexos Group can provide field inspectors to perform initial damage assessments of residential properties using tablets with Plexosoft software.

The data can be uploaded from the tablet to the Plexosoft case management system, which stores the information for processing. Final inspections are performed on site, verifying that the repairs were performed correctly. Below are the duties that Plexos Group can perform during initial and final inspections:

Initial Inspections

  • Plexos Group inspectors perform preliminary onsite evaluations to assess the magnitude of damage and unmet temporary sheltering needs of the dwelling. Inspectors initiate and maintain dialogue with the applicant during the inspection.
  • Inspectors survey the dwelling; they draw detailed sketches, defining the layout and square footage of existing dwelling.
  • Inspectors use iPlexos, a proprietary inspection software, to photograph, quantify, and define damages. Inspectors generate a comprehensive scope of work at the time of the inspection; they obtain signatures from the applicant, contractor, and program manager representative.
  • Inspectors upload the Initial Site Visit report from the field and send directly to the Quality Control team.

Final Inspections

  • Final inspectors receive notification from the contractor that construction is complete in iPlexos.
  • Final inspectors review comprehensive scope of work and approved change orders in iPlexos.
  • Final inspectors validate the quality of completed work with the contractor and program manager. They photograph and notate completed work, then obtain signatures from the required parties.
  • Inspectors upload the final inspection report from the field and send directly to the Quality Control team for close out.
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Fraud, Waste, and Abuse

Plexos Group can stand up a Fraud, Waste, and Abuse (FWA) team consisting of a number of fraud investigators overseen by a fraud manager.

This team will operate under a comprehensive Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) and draft specific polices to include code of conduct, inappropriate content, conflict of interest, as well as an anti-kickback policy. The team will be responsible for analyzing program data to proactively seek out fraud, waste, and abuse. Examples of such behavior might include duplicate applications, filing false information in eligibility requirements, potential overpayments, and the theft, loss, or misuse of program equipment. Plexos Group is able to establish anonymous hotlines to receive inbound tips regarding potentials for this behavior, as well as misconduct by program personnel, contractors, and subcontractors. The FWA team will conduct investigations of tips reported via the anonymous hotlines as well as investigations into applicant fraud and internal/external theft. The FWA team can provide findings to executive management for appropriate decisions. It can also establish a line of communication to report findings requiring a more expeditious resolution. FWA can establish and maintain strong relationships internally and externally; it can coordinate certain investigative activities with local police as necessary. The FWA team is able to create data searches for duplicate applications, nonlocal telephone numbers, and scope of work by neighborhood to further identify anomalies. It can avoid unnecessary work by identifying potential overpayments, incomplete services, eligibility issues related to required residency, and duplicate applications.

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Inventory Management

Plexos Group can stand up and maintain a comprehensive inventory management system. We can record and track all inventory to measure the supply of materials against the demands of program needs.

Plexos Group can provide front-end consulting services, requirements definition, hardware and software selection, system set up, human capital management, introductory communications, start-up training, system deployment, system administration, and programmatic reporting. The Plexos team can develop a comprehensive simulation model to forecast and report supply against demand. These models can also be used to manage the subcontractors. Possible key functions for these initiatives might include a near real-time ability to track materials from order through shipping, customs, warehousing, work in progress, to project completion; a systematic approach to product approvals for critical materials; an ability to quickly recall and quarantine materials that prove to be inconsistent with program standards; an accurate four-week forecast of material supply against construction demand; and material projections on a daily, weekly, and across-the-program perspective used by the subcontractors to acquire materials.

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Plexosoft Case Management

Plexosoft, a proprietary and web-based case management system, is designed around an application workflow that tracks all activities and manages the application documents from intake through eligibility, inspections, construction, and close out.

The system is flexible and is configured with no changes to the code. PlexosSoft is also preconfigured for both FEMA STEP, CDBG-DR housing programs. In addition to tracking the application throughout the review process, Plexosoft can also serve as the document management system for all application-provided and program generated documents. Plexosoft supports the upload of various document formats including doc, docx, xls, xlsx, jpg, jpeg, png, txt, pdf.

These processes are further described below:

Application Submission

Plexosoft can allow applicants to submit their applications in a variety of ways, including in person, online, and via telephone, allowing for flexibility; however, the applications are still able to be captured in Plexosoft. A unique application number can be generated for identification purposes at the time of application submission.

Eligibility Review

Eligibility Review is the first step in the application review process. After submitting an application, the application is automatically assigned to a case manager. It is that case manager’s responsibility to collect all required documentation and confirm that the applicant meets all program participation criteria. In conjunction with the case management team, the IT development team can develop a list of criteria that can be programmed into Plexosoft in the form of questions, which each application must meet to move forward within the process. Case managers must document responses to these questions in Plexosoft to gauge the applicant’s eligibility. Plexosoft is designed so the applications found to be incomplete or ineligible cannot progress forward within the application review workflow.


Initial and final inspections are performed utilizing iPlexos, a tablet-based inspection platform that records inspection results, photographs, and documents, all which are synced to Plexosoft in real-time. These results allow users to review the required line-item-quantity needs for each home. Users can also review relevant information, such as scope value, date of inspection, inspector name, contractor, etc.


Plexosoft can be designed to allow for visibility into the construction process. Within Plexosoft, various metrics can be tracked, including construction schedule start/end dates, actual construction start/end dates, the construction status, and any issues impeding construction progress. Additionally, the case management system can be designed so that contractors can submit change orders for unforeseen scope items necessary for construction to be completed. Those change orders are then reviewed by program personnel. If approved, the scope of work is automatically updated to reflect the change in scope via the change order.

Close Out

Plexosoft can be designed to be the start-to-end case management system for various programs, with the end being close out. Within close out, analysts document the results of their close out reviews and mark the application as eligible for payment once their close out review is complete. Payment information is captured. All users know the payment amount and date for each application.

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Project Controls

Plexos Group can put controls in place to track time and expenses, which allows a program to meet desired outcomes and achieve financial objectives.

We can integrate the element of control throughout the entire lifecycle of a program. The control system can evaluate a program’s demands and react quickly to address them, monitoring its progress. Data gathering and analytical processes can be used to predict and constructively influence the time and cost outcomes of the program. Reliable information can be communicated in formats to assist management and expedite decision making. Contingencies can be set to adapt as the unexpected arises. Project risks can be assessed, analyzed, and mitigated through corrective actions. Plexos Group is able to plan the process of execution, enhance the management decision making, and boost performance factors of a project, saving time and money. Plexos Group can issue program guidance for timekeeping and expenses to establish program expectations. We are able to validate program activity against the established guidelines to increase the accuracy, consistency, and speed of invoice submissions. Plexos Group can implement daily monitoring and logistics tracking of project activity to maximize program resources and adhere to federal invoicing requirements. We can use control systems to accelerate invoice submissions with confidence of high quality product and design invoice format to reduce the client’s level of effort during audit. We have the capacity to develop financial tools to address client inquiries within 24 hours. We can assess financial and operational impacts of proposed program modifications through scenario analysis.

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Reporting and Business

In any program of magnitude, it is necessary that management and stakeholders are consistently informed of operational, financial, and compliance metrics.

The Plexos team can provide leveraged tools like Tableau for all reports and drill downs, in order to generate a metrics-based reporting system; all program users are able to access this information. Plexos Group can provide data management services, managing data warehouses for information to be collected (from multiple systems) and reported through Tableau. Plexos Group can design the program’s pipeline report which, when implemented, allowed program users to visualize and understand the entire workflow of the project. This gives program users the ability to drill down to any metric in each process step. This allows the program to work through backlog issues, manage the volume of homes, workflow status, etc. to determine the efficiency of the program. Plexos Group understands that reporting requirements change, depending upon various management levels. While the pipeline report can serve as a great report for senior management, other more detailed reports are needed to provide middle and lower-level management with the information they need; Plexos Group can develop a multitude of reports, allowing managers to review backlogs and assignments, measure individual reviewer throughput, gauge review durations, see trending over time, and measure financial payments to contractors. Possible reporting functions include the design, development, testing, and management of reports available. Other possible functions include the management of the pipeline report and nightly updates of the reporting database to ensure that users always have the most up-to-date information possible.

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Staff Augmentation

Plexos Group has an active function to continuously recruit and retain talented disaster recovery staff from across the nation. We can provide qualified staff to augment any area of the program.


Website Design

Plexos Group can develop and maintain a program website. Our development team can work closely with program policy experts, public relations experts, and a legal team to develop all the website content.

We can serve as present webmaster and provide change management services to keep program information accurate and current. The website, which can be made available in English or Spanish, is able to make the public aware of all relevant information. A link to an online portal, which applicants could use to file their applications, can also be included.

Past accomplishments have included the following:

  • Construction of the website within 24 hours of program award.
  • Over 30,000-page views by applicants and prospective applicants.
  • Use of Google Analytics to monitor website traffic, geographic location of visitors,
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