Plexos employs contact tracing to identify the chain and mode of transmission of COVID-19 outbreaks by documenting exactly how and through whom the disease has spread. This is accomplished through a series of interviews with patients, caregivers and “contacts.”

We are currently supporting states in their contact tracing efforts by scaling our PlexoSoft COVID-19 Tracing technology platform and call centers using local members of a community’s workforce alongside our medically trained staff to provide contact tracing calls to ill persons and provide them with instructions and information regarding quarantine and check-ins.

Benefits of Contact Tracing:

• Interrupts ongoing transmission and reduce spread of an infection.
• Alerts contacts about possible infection. Offers preventive counseling or prophylactic care.
• Offers diagnosis, counseling and treatment to infected individuals.
• Helps prevent reinfection of the originally infected patient.
• Builds deeper understanding of epidemiology populations.

Our Contact Tracing Steps

• Contact patient to help recall everyone they have been in close contact with during their infectious timeframe.
• Warn exposed individuals of their potential exposure as rapidly and as sensitively as possible.
• Protect patient privacy by only informing contacts of potential exposure without identifying the potentially infectious patient.
• Educate contacts about their risk, containment steps to limit exposure to others even if they do not feel ill and how to monitor their illness and separate themselves from others who have not been exposed.
• Encourage contacts to stay home and maintain at least six feet of distance from others for at least until 14 days after their last exposure.

Highly Trained Resources:

Effective contact tracing requires training, supervision, and access to social and medical support for patients and contacts. We provide contact tracers with knowledge and skills including:
• Performing interviews without violating patient confidentiality.
• Understanding of the medical terms and principles of exposure, infection, infectious period, potentially infectious interactions, symptoms of disease, pre-symptomatic and asymptomatic infection.
• Excellent interpersonal sensitivity and trust building during patient and contact calls.
• Crisis counseling and referrals for medical, social, or supervisory resources.
• Resourcefulness in locating hard to reach patients and contacts.
• Cultural competency appropriate to the local community.

Plexos Contact Tracing Services:

  • Program Management
  • Establishing and staffing a virtual call center
  • Providing data management services including the system of record
  • Conducting patient and potential infected person interviews and providing relevant information
  • Staff Augmentation, including:
  • o Project Managers
    o Medically Trained Personnel
    o Epidemiologists
    o Trained Contact Tracers
    o Call Center Agents
    o Reporting and IT Personnel
    o Other support personnel

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