Within 24 hours of a disaster, Plexos rapidly launches and manages full-scale call center options tailored to our clients’ needs and optimized with remote, work-at-home functionality.

Our flexible solutions are ready to handle high-volume surges with real-time monitoring of staffing levels to maximize resources. We specialize in full-scale, cloud-based phone system support programs that are highly scalable and allow work-from-home metrics management. We procure staffing and complete system equipment — from phones to headsets and other critical components — so that our call centers can operate around the clock, seven days a week.

Key call center features:

  • Rapid deployment
  • Work-at-home
  • High-volume call capacity
  • Efficient surge management
  • Quick staffing ramp ups and forecasting
  • Local personnel
  • 800-number design and management
  • Remote Support
  • Seamless transfer from existing systems
  • Real-time supervisor dashboards
  • QA monitoring of calls in queue and call recording
  • Daily operations reporting

Case Studies:

  • When the state of Louisiana needed to expand its call center capacity to handle unemployment claims associated with the COVID-19 pandemic, Plexos stood up a 100-person call center with local state residents working remotely within one week.

  • The State of Florida Department of Economic Opportunity recently hired Plexos to stand up a call center to assist with COVID-19 pandemic-related unemployment claims.

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